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    AudioREVIEW Posting Policy
    UPDATE 2011 06 15

    - All new members must have 5 post in other threads before you can start your own thread.
    - No new member can post a link until you have posted 10 times.

    - Admin
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    AudioREVIEW.com Forums Posting Policy

    The object of the AudioREVIEW.com discussion forums is to be a safe place for people of all experience levels to come and share their knowledge, experiences and opinions in a
    friendly, welcoming environment.

    To support this goal, we must have a few rules. Participation on AudioREVIEW.com is contigent on abiding by these rules. Participants violating forum policies will receive three warnings. Members who continually violate or abuse these rules will have their posting priveleges revoked. The site administrator will have the final say on all disciplinary action. We reserve the right to deny service to any user at any time.

    1. First and foremost, be civil and respectful at all times:

    Treat others as you would have them treat you. This includes
    other users, manufacturers, dealers and members of the press.
    Debate, disagreements and complaints are fine, but this is not a
    place to bash others or generally act like a jerk.

    Attacks, slander, or other defamatory or untrue statements about
    people, products, dealer or manufacturers will not be tolerated.
    Stick to the subject matter, and don't get into personal attacks.
    Leave your grudges at home. This is not the place to fight or bicker.

    2. No Shilling or advertising in the forums.

    Its ok to talk about experiences with a dealer or manufacturer. It
    isn't ok to represent yourself as a typical customer when really
    you are working for a manufacturer or dealer.

    Any members of the industry such as dealers, manufacturers, and press must identify themselves as such when participating on AudioREVIEW.com. If you are a dealer or manufacturer and wish to advertise with us, please contact the site administrator.

    This included forum members who are not associated with a manufacturer and just want to sell some of their used gear. Please use the classified section of AR for that.

    3. No spamming.

    Post your question to the relevant forum and only there. no
    multiple identical posts across forums. Please post your
    questions only once.

    4. Please restrict discussion of DBT, ABX and lab measurements to the "The Science Lab"

    This forum is for discussing experiences from a hobbyists perspective. We feel that challenging forum participants to always back up their experiences with scientific "proof" stifles discussion and defeats the purpose of the forums. Since "scientific proof" is hard to come by in a typical hobbyists home, we ask that those who wish to discuss to discuss DBT's and lab results refrain from bothering those who wish to talk about their listening experiences.

    That said, we recognize that technical discussions are often a relevant aspect of discussion, and don't wish to ban it outright. We do wish to prevent people from using the pretense of "science" to mock or abuse a person, their experiences, or opinions.

    In order to create an open environment, enforcement of these rules will be subject to the interpretation of the moderators.

    5. No trolling.

    This is posting inflammatory or argumentative comments for the
    sole sake of creating an argument or "flame war". It is
    unproductive and immature. It will not be tolerated, and violating posts will be deleted.

    6. PM privs.

    Att: New Users.
    New audioreview.com posting policy.
    You must have 5 valid (as in not spam) forum post before you can PM or email another user.