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    Quote Originally Posted by dean_martin
    I'm still listening to cassettes I made for vehicle use many years ago. I have a vintage receiver, crappy speakers and tape deck set up in my storage building. Last night while messing around with the weights and weight bench I listened to REM's New Adventures in Hi-Fi that I recorded from vinyl. Not only did I get the tape hiss (which I don't mind because I've never liked dolby nr b, c or any other letter), but I also got a few pops and clicks. Made working out not so horrible. I'm getting to the age where it's too easy for my body to rebel against me if I don't do a little something so that's what I've started doing this week - a LITTLE exercise. I hope I can make it a routine.
    R.E.M.- Automatic For The People is one my 25 to 50 cent pre-recorded thrift cassettes I got last summer. I haven't listened to it enough to tell if I like it yet. I'll put it in the cue.

    Most of my vinyl to cassette tapes are about 30 years old. They still sound great even though they've been bouncing arround in my 4Runner for 12 years. I'm getting tired of them though. That's why I'm on a bend to buy pre-recorded cassettes and make new vinyl and/or CD to cassettes tapes.

    SACD to cassette really sounds great. I taped my CCR-Willy and the poor boys (on SACD) yesterday. Next in line is Steely Dan-Gaucho on DVD-Audio.

    I use Dolby B because that's what my 4Runner handles and I hate tape hiss. Sometimes, I judge CD playback by how well I can hear the tape hiss of the original master tapes.
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    Be careful of this one Rakeford.

    Quote Originally Posted by rakeford
    Tuner Sultan 29er, see pic here.

    My handle is BottomBraket on
    Next he'll be asking you if you ever tried soap-on-a-rope.
    I call my bathroom Jim instead of John so I can tell people that I go to the Jim first thing every morning.

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    I've never liked dolby nr b, c

    i know what you mean, all the noise reduction schemes have some kind of signature to the sound. dbx II was tried on cassette but not successful there. it was fine on open reel at 7.5 ips or better but still audible.

    straight dbx using no more than 1.2 compression was not noticable and i used it for a lot of open reel tapes and it even worked for cassette.

    the best of the best though is dolby S. its just not detectable and works on the whole spectrum in (i think) three bands. you can read about it in wiki but it didnt reveal much in my quick read of it.

    at first, only quite costly decks included S and put it out of the reach of most of us. then when cassettes were on the decline, sony offered it in some affordable decks as well as aiwa.

    it is totally compatible with B so if you accidentally put in a B cassette, it wouldnt quickly reveal itself. i ended up with the 3 head sony for about $300 which may still be available (frys had them).

    no noise reduction does less damage to the signal but for critical listening, the hiss on cassette is quite a bit higher than with open reel. i just wonder if outboard S encode/decoders had been available, if maybe i would have had a large inventory of S tapes as archives.

    nowadays its so fast, cheap, and relatively good sounding to make cd copies that my cassette deck just collects dust. plus the fact that good cassette blanks were relatively costly, especially if you wanted to go into the metal tapes for maximum quality and long life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swish
    Wow. No new threads since Wednesday?
    I, for one, have changed my threads several times since Wednesday.
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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    oh SLOSH, yer so hip (or is it HEP?). i hope youre having a swingin' time tonite.

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