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    Another album I think is worth special mention. Sampled this debut via (La) luna. Also reviews at tinymixtapes and consequenceofsound.

    I see lots of comparisons to Mazzy Star, which unfortunately I had never listened to. I checked out one of Davey's posts with some links and can certainly see the similarities. For lack of a better term, Widowspeak has a bit more of an 'indie' feel, and perhaps slightly gothic-folkier than the link outs in that post. Also reminded me of early Portishead. But, I could be wacked.

    It's not an overly fraught album and is very listenable. (La) luna also links to some singles, one being a nice cover of Isaak's Wicked Game. Anyway, I'm sure it should be on the radars of many of you.
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    Yea, I love this record. It does sound too much like Mazzy Star, and it isn't very challenging (though there are occasional moments), but it has a strong draw for me. Mastered a little too loud, but mostly pretty nice sounding and not nearly as bad as some I've heard lately like that Wooden Shjips CD that Rae and jonny are high on around here. I thought it was getting better for awhile there, but guess not.

    You really should check out some early Mazzy Star, especially She Hangs Brightly which is where that Slapp Happy cover comes from. Or even better yet, Early Recordings by Opal, which is kind of the Kendra Smith (from Dream Syndicate) version which morphed into Mazzy Star when Hope took over. Love them both. There is a Opal song from Early Recordings posted at my SotD page.

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