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    1's been a while....what the hell happened?

    Hello. Well, I'm not sure if I even feel comfortable posting here. I had to "re-subscribe" because I've been away for well over a year....I'm so far forgotten that it let me use my original username (couldn't remember my original password).....but this place didn't seem to care. This board looks and feels very quirky. Bottom line, it sucks. I'm sure nobody remembers me here.....not that I ever had much to contribute....but I always came here with a great deal of respect for many of the other members in this place. I bought a lot of music based on what I read at this site. I even bought a ADCOM Tuner from YECH. Not sure if he's still here or not...but hte ADCOM's fine....and FM still sucks.

    I owed several people "favors" or "music"......I've been gone for well over a year......was separated from my ex-wife for that long.....and in June became single. Not necessarily the best of times, but we all shine on.

    Well, sorry.....don't mean to ramble. It's good to be here in this forum.....I see a few familiar names - haven't surfed the archives much....but I wouldn't be surprised if this new format scared some people away. Watched the new Coldplay DVD today....really like that band. They sort of had their finger on my pulse over the past year, plus.

    Don't ever think you can't have a gun to your happens to the worst of us.....but like I said.....we all shine on.

    Looking forward to seeing all of your posts once again.....and getting to know "Snowbunny". (Sorry - just couldn't resist).


    Jay (B)

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    Talking Hi JayB

    Nice to meet you, JayB, I'm flattened. What was your moniker on the old board?


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