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    Who else is digging the new Hold Steady

    I just got a chance to hear Seperation Sunday last night for the first time and the more I listen, the better it gets. The vocals and a bit odd and nasally, so I can see that some folks may not like it, but there's tons of high energy rock with some great guitar riffs. The lyrics really strike a chord with me, kinda one of those records where you see friends pass along the way while you're listening. I see they have an earlier one that I missed out on. Anybody hear it and have any comparisons to the new one? Anyone else really liking this? Sorry if I missed others' posts on this. I don't always pay the best attention.

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    I have no idea at all what in the L you're talking about. New Hold Steady? Didn't know there was an old Hold Steady. Guess I need to get with the times.

    The real reason I"m posting to the thread is to let you know that the Eagle has landed. I say again, the Eagle has landed. Many thanks to you and the Eagle, which will be put to good use within the hour!

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