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    Who does that cover of Wicked Games on the Nip/Tuck commercial?

    It's been running on TV for a while now and it sounds super good? Very sexy sounding female lead with a wall of guitars. But I don't know who it is and the Nip/Tuck people didn't reply to my inquiry. Any body know for sure? Thanks.

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    Ah the Internet, great for anoraks

    Google - nip, tuck, wicked = Giant Drag

    Sadly I've picked up loads of stuff via TV programmes


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    Oh wow, Giant Drag. I've heard and been annoyed by that cover countless times but I like that band. Annie is the childhood friend of a childhood friend of mine ("the summer me" as George Costanza would say). Funny, now that I think about it, I don't really enjoy any of her recorded stuff (it's all way over-produced, just like that track) but the live show is great.


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