• 09-26-2004, 04:17 PM

    Originally Posted by Slosh
    So I also decided to get The Arcade Fire even though the mp3s I sampled didn't exactly knock my socks off (wait, I'm not wearing socks :rolleyes: )

    I think someone was saying the Merge site indicated the Arcade Fire was sold out right now and will be a couple weeks or so before more ship. Not sure if that'll effect your order. Seemed to be plenty when I bought mine but that was locally. Unfortunately, it does come in one of those cheapass mini-gatefold lp covers (like the last Cat Power CD) which most of us have grown to hate. But it does have a separate lyric sheet and notes so that part is cool (also like the Cat Power, but not the huge folded thing that caused the cover to bulge and tear on hers). Don't worry, I think you'll grow to appreciate it more when you get to hear the whole thing even though it's not a very good recording. But what pop/rock is these days? It all has the crap compressed out of it even if it does start as a good recording. And it did start to grow on me after a few listens even though I wasn't too thrilled with the mp3's either.