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    What do you do with a day off? HIT THE RECORD STORE!

    Went shopping today, amongst other things, picked up the new Verve disc, am loving it! Definitely of the old verve sound. Also among the purchases...

    Today's haul...

    The National

    "Cherry Tree"
    "The Virginia EP"



    Rogue Wave

    "Asleep At Heaven's Gate"

    Broken Social Scene

    "You Forgot It People"
    "We Hate Your Hate"

    Ghostland Observatory

    "Robotique Majestique"
    "Paparazzi Lightning"

    The Verve



    "Set Yourself On Fire"




    "Make Sure They See My Face"

    What have you bought today?


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    The Kenna disc was a pick by the store clerk

    And he didn't steer me wrong. A bit of electronica, beat and traditional instrumentation, is that a Gibson Stereo I hear. Vocals ain't bad either. Good house party jams.


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    Dude...not a bad haul. Not bad at all.

    I, myself, just picked up an older New Pornographers disc, Electric Version, while killing time at my nearest funky neighborhood record store on Sunday. I'm 1-1/2 spins in, and I'm liking it plenty already.

    That Rogue Wave disc has its moments, but it's kinda hit-and-miss for me. If you don't already have Descended Like Vultures, I think you might like it better. Just a hunch.

    Lemme know what you think about You Forgot It In People.
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    On second listen to the "haul"

    I think the BSS disc You Forgot It In People, may be the pick of the litter. It has very complex instrumentation, not gimmicky. I also like the dual lead vocals on songs like "Almost Crimes".

    More often then not, I feel a band reminds me of another, not with Broken Social scene.

    Hey, what can I say, I got a soft spot for horn sections. And I wouldn't call this a traditional use of horn sections.

    I really dig "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl". OK, the Banjo and strings on this cut does remind me of Sufjan Stevens. Any relationship there?

    At roughly 39 minutes of music over 10 cuts...I wish it was longer.


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