The new Red Hot Chilli Peppers new album.

I've only heard the title track and one other. Once I got over the initial shock and dismissed the album, I heard the song again and tried to be more open minded, I found the tracks growing on me. It's not RHCP of yester year, I would call it Soul influenced, after all they did do Roller Coaster (Ohio Players) and Stevie Wonder's, Higher Ground, so the Soul genre isn't foreign to them. Dark Necessities is the other track, this is the track that sort of swayed me to give the album another chance. I'll have to listen to more of it to see if I purchase it. It will be interesting to see if Rock stations play the new stuff or if it goes Top 40. Our AOR station did play the Getaway but I'd be surprised if it becomes a regular spin, could be wrong. The songs are pretty good, just different from what I expected.