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    Welp, here's another comp you don't want.

    No title, yet. Songs that are new to me- couple of new discs, too. Let me know if you're interesting. No trades necessary, altho I do like cookies and maryjane brownies.

    Here they are:

    1) Flashes And Cables– Centro-Matic. From the album Love You Just The Same.
    2) Anchor– Subset. From an older CMJ disc. Long story.
    3) Closed Casket- The Deadly Snakes. From the album Ode To Joy.
    4) Don’t Tell The Band– Widespread Panic. From Don’t Tell The Band, released in 2001 ...Short story.
    5) Fool King’s Crown– Jay Farrar. From the disc Terroir Blues. “Uncle Tupelo founder paints his masterpiece.”
    6) Snapshot– Kinky. "Finch has a huge youknow." Spin magazine.
    7) Any Day The Wind Blows– Dada. This is from their latest, How To Be Found. Best song on the latest Dada disc. Sad, huh?
    8) He Can Go, You Can’t Stay– The Singles. Rawk!
    9) The Good Slot– Grand Champeen. From The One That Brought You.
    10) Tisbury Lane– Mae. Previously unreleased.
    11) Weakest Shade Of Blue– Pernice Brothers. From Yours, Mine And Ours.
    12) Stray– The Trews. Thanks, Forever Autumn. Are you taken?
    13) Sick Sad Little World– Incubus. From a crow left of the murder. “Racking up rave reviews as well as monster sales.” Rolling Stone
    14) Wake Up Early– Starflyer 59. From I Am The Portuguese Blues.
    15) The Courtyard– Watashi Wa. Watch for ‘em on the Tooth and Nail tour.
    16) Hole In Your Head– Treble Charger. (Thanks again, FA)
    17) Waiting For The Sun– El Centro. From Prohibido. This song is the slowest on the disc- the rest of the Prohibido could be the soundtrack to a mountain bike DVD. That's a good thing.
    18) The Blue Period– Beloved (US). From The Running EP. Screamo. Oops.
    19) Escape– Hoobastank. Their new release is called The Reason.
    20) A Million Miles– Lostprophets ...from their latest, Start Something. "...the new songs bound from breathy Eighties pop to keyboard-laced metal to intricate post-hardcore workouts." Rolling Stone
    21) Just Once– Tantric. This is from their just-released After We Go disc.

    What's stopping you? Bad songs? ...aww, c'mon. Take a chance. No one's gonna know, if you PM me.

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