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    Well this sucks. It seems Bono had back surgery... they had to cancel most of their tour of North America. Why do I care? Because Interpol was touring with them and they too have canceled their shows, including the one I was going to at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster. I'm really steamed. Stupid Bono. He sucks giant hippo balls.
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    Sorry about Interpol being cancelled Swishy, but I had to laugh at your post.

    Stupid Bono. hehehe.

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    Your loss could end up being my gain. Possibly. Since the Soldier Field gig was also canceled, that would remove Interpol's contractual obstacles to playing Lollapalooza in August.

    I've seen them play there before, and wouldn't mind seeing them again!

    Of course, it's only idle speculation at this point and probably won't happen. But that would be an excellent addition to the lineup.
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    yeah...stupid Bono
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