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Thread: Want a mix?

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    Want a mix?

    I made a mix yesterday to listen to on a car ride last night and was enjoying it so thought I'd offer it up here. Mostly sorta fuzzed out and laid back indie-ish pop/rock stuff. All of it is maybe 2-3 years old or newer. Here's the tracklist:

    Cults: Go Outside
    Porcelain Raft: Unless You Speak from Your Heart
    Washed Out: Feel It All Around
    Frankie Rose: Know Me
    Dive: Hours
    Poliša: Dark Star
    The Raveonettes: Forget That You're Young
    Beach Fossils: Fall Right In
    Lilacs & Champagne: Everywhere, Everyone
    Traxman: Chilllll
    Run DMT: Romantic
    Shannon and the Clams: Baby Don't Do It
    Dum Dum Girls: Bedroom Eyes
    Sleigh Bells: Rill Rill
    The Chromatics: Kill for Love
    Apartment House: Blood Sweat & Tears

    Summer Mix

    Special bonus...mix tape version available on cassette if you PM me an address.

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    Oh, hey. Nice thing to find on a sunny Monday morning! Thanks

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    I'm really digging this. I've a passing familiarity with Broken Bells and Polica and even the Cults but there's some new stuff more me and everything seems to be falling the right way. This mix makes me want to buy a convertible, drive to Miami, and get an ugly shirt...and I can't stand Miami.
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    Talking Blue blue sea

    Much appreciated nobody.

    Your mix is playing on a balcony overlooking the Aegean and it is perfect for the setting. May just have to get an ouzo & water to enjoy it even better. Many new artists for me! Thanks-a-ton, audiobill

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    Glad some of you are digging it. I do think it has a nice summer vibe for those too hot hazy days when you just wanna kick back with a drink and not expend too much energy.

    And Audiobill, I am basically insanely jealous of my mix getting to look out over the sea right about now as I stare at my office walls.

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