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    Talking A Vacation of Music March 6 - 12

    Well I just ordered a shiite load of pop music from primarily the 80s. My goal was to collect much of the music of the female artists of the 80s. I don't know why I neglected such great mellow music for so long. Perhaps I needed to mature a bit who knows.

    The first thing I set my sights on my -gasp- the greatest hits of Debbie Gibson. Something about lying in bed with Sennheiser 515s with my eyes closed on at 2:00am hearing a woman singing "I get weak in a glance. Isn't this whats called romance?" feels so good. I must say where is that talent today? A woman who makes you want to make love to her without even trying be "sexy". Less is certainly a lot more here. Deb is also a Long Island kid so I have to support my fellow New Yorker.

    Next I went balls deep (sadly pun intended) for Belinda Carlisle. I've always loved her hits so I went with Her Greatest Hits. Listening to her great singing truly is like heaven on earth. My favorite has always been Heaven Is A Place On Earth but her post Go Gos career was great. I can forgive that she is quite a lousy dancer. I suck myself anyway.

    Next up up is another Long Island girl in Taylor Dayne. I remember hearing her music on various radio stations as a kid while my parent were driving wherever and naturally I never really knew just how beautiful a woman she was. I didn't get cable TV until I was 16 and that was in circa 1995 so in watching stuff on youtube I have really been impressed with the music and she strikes me much like Michael Mcdonald she sounds like she would look more like Aretha Franklin than herself. I love it when you can't tell what people look like from the way they sound.

    Next up is Essential Cyndi Lauper who is YET another Long Island babe. Damn the women from Long Island really were successful in the 80s. I was totally exposed to Cyndi when I saw The Goonies. Funny thing is Goonies R Good Enough is while memorable truly silly and I believe her other work far exceeds it in quality. I plan on listening to this low cost compilation time after time.

    Next up is Pat Benatar's(Born in Brooklyn) Greatest Hits. While certain songs from Pat I simply cannot stand like Hit Me With Your Best Shot I absolutely love songs like Shadows of the Night and Love is a Battlefield. I really don't have much more to say than she is a talent to be respected. Just googled and even she is a Long Island babe.

    I was on the fence about this one as I really describe her as a one hit wonder but next is Tiffany's Greatest Hits. I just saw her and Debbie Gibson in Mega Python vs Gatoroid on Syfy("Eagerly awaiting the Bluray") and well I'm willing to give her other songs other than the cover I Think We're Alone Now a chance. Will it suck? Maybe but I don't know if these are the right words but I have a soft spot for Redheaded Middle Eastern descent women with a great body.

    Next I went with The Greatest Hits of Expose. I honestly don't know much about them other than the great song I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me. Anybody else can feel free to chime in with anything else good to look out for. I have a feeling this could be a disc I discover some hidden gems that I never knew about.

    I didn't really stop there so I'll give a brief summary of what else I got to listen to during my week long vacation.

    Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys

    America: The Complete Greatest Hits

    Ten Years Together: The Best of Peter, Paul and Mary

    Best of Simon & Garfunkel

    The Very Best of Sting & The Police

    Very Best of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

    Hits by Phil Collins

    Greatest Hits By Billy Ocean

    I love music and the only bad thing about it is that once you get sucked into the vortex time just disappears.

    In case you were wondering I will mostly be listening to this music on this equipment via my PC.

    Asus Xonar DS

    Behringer AMP800

    Sennheiser HD 515 Headphones

    You're still here? Its over. LOL
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