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    Two bassists; two good albums

    Picked up two great albums recently.

    Carlos Henriquez - The Bronx Pyramid
    Christian McBride Trio - Live at the Village Vanguard

    OK. They're both jazz. Both led by bassist/composers. Henriquez is the bassist for the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. McBride has been a recognized jazz leader for a few decades now.

    Both bassists are just amazing. It only takes you seconds to appreciate that on these recordings. Recommend both albums.

    I really enjoy the way latin influences and rhythms cross-pollenate. Henriquez nails afro/cuban/bronx. The recording is fantastic from Blue Engine Records, the Jazz at Lincoln Center's own label. The compositions are satisfying, engaging, have a heart and soul.

    McBride has an annual residency at the Village Vanguard since 2007 or so. I remember going there once a long time ago. The club is legendary yet its this odd triangular shaped hole of a basement down narrow stairs. This is McBride's first live recording there. It's a good recording, a good album, and gives a good feel of a live performance at this famous venue. A bit more in the standard mode, although McBride does bring in pop/R&B and funk with covers of "The Lady in My Life" (remember Thriller?), and "Car Wash" (the movie).

    I think I favor Bronx Pyramid just cause the compositions are so solid. But, the 'live' vibe goes to McBride.

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    I have a Christain McBride album, I like it a lot, I think it's called Getting To It. Also some Roy Hargrove featuring McBride. This is all acoustic bass. I'll have to check out Carlos.

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    Gettin' to It (1995) is still my favorite McBride album. Also good is another early album Number Two Express (1996). I've slipped McBrides cover of Little Sunflower (Number Two Exp) on a comp or two here. I have a few more that I don't listen too much A Family Affair (1998), Kind of Brown (2009), The Good Feeling (2011) although they are nicely done. Then more recently with the McBride Trio I'm getting back into him, Out Here (2013) and Live at (2015)...

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    I also have two of McBrides' latest work, I was impressed
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    Thank you! I will look for them both!
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    eeg / Fonnesbęk

    Here is a great Danish bass player and a singer;
    But the bassplayer has a more Scandinavian sound, than the 2 above.

    Throughout the album, Eeg proves to be an expert in the art of inflection. She stresses a lyric in unexpected yet appropriate ways, demonstrates unerring intonation and pitch control, and shows herself to be an impressive improviser and communicator. Her vocals are never overbearing, but there's no doubt about the fact that she's in the driver's seat. Fonnesbęk, not surprisingly, proves to be a sympathetic ally. He delivers rock solid riffs and he manages to establish and trace the harmonic foundations of a song while dancing along with Eeg. His acoustic bass work is completely grounded, locking in the time and adding weight to the music, and his electric work, filled with chord-anchoring notes, harmonics, and guitar-esque strums, helps to give the music greater textural depth. These two make for a perfect pair, making Eeg-Fonnesbęk a fetching date worth seeking out.

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