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    Angry Twilight As Played By the Twilight Singers

    What a great record! Many of you already know this one, but it's the first side-project/solo album from Greg Dulli and his twilight collaborators, recorded around the time the Afghan Whigs were about to go their separate ways, then stuck in the vault for a couple years or so, until sometime in 2000. Listening to it this morning I'm reminded of all the reasons that it has become one of my favorite albums of the last decade. Almost like a R&B flavored version of Massive Attack or Portishead, very atmospheric, electronics for sure, but organic sounding. Trip hop soul? Kind of laid-back, especially compared to Afghan Whigs rock 'n' soul, but it has an underlying tension in the music and lyrics that I find very compelling, built mostly around the recurring themes of love and death. Sometimes it reminds me a lot of all that's so wonderful about the Tindersticks, though closer to their Simple Pleasure phase than the darker early releases. Just a really nice CD that you can put on infinite repeat on a lazy, rainy Saturday, and float away for awhile. With a cool IPA, and some Giants action on tap very soon...

    Any other big fans of this one? The next one was pretty nice too

    Edit: Not sure how the angry guy got next to my title, must've clicked on something when I wasn't looking. Maybe someone in charge can get rid of the angry guy. Thanks.

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    Yes the debut was great, but Blackberry Belle was a real gem. Songs like Decatur St and Teenage Wristband were true pop gold. I still spin this one every now and again. The bass playing is second to none, I can listen to him all day long. I saw them on this tour in 2003 when i was in Europe.

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    that is some cool smooth stuff...hadn't played it for awhile and putting it back on, I can't help but think of Flight of the Conchords now - those smooth talkin' breakdowns... Sort of unfortunate really. They have a new one coming out in Jan. I think (Twilight Singers that is) and are touring now. thanks for the reminder, I think it'll be in rotation for awhile again.

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    Yep, that's a fine record. Now I need to go find it..

    ...and play it. Thanks for the reminder.
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