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    Turn your audio files into wall art.

    I love this idea!!! There are so many pieces of music that have been an inspiration to me or played a very important part of my life. I'm seriously considering doing a custom piece. I just have to narrow down my choices to one.

    Turn your audio files into beautiful custom wall art | The Right Click - Yahoo! News Canada

    Turn your audio files into beautiful custom wall art

    ..If you've got a favourite quote or speech from a famous politician, you can preserve it in a whole new way thanks to a company called Epic Frequency.

    The website sells oversized waveform images based on famous quotes from great politicians (because they're an American website, it's predominantly U.S. politicians) and other well-knowns, such as the late astronaut Neil Armstrong. They take the audio clip, print it onto a gallery canvas that's 1.5 feet by 4 feet wide, and ship it out to you to display on your wall as a very different but stunningly beautiful piece of art.

    Check out what Epic Frequency is all about in the video below:

    The designs have been curated by co-founders Bill Seaver and Nathan Moore, who launched Epic Frequency earlier this month. In an interview with Wired, Seaver points out that there are interesting things to notice in the waveform images:

    "In the 'I Have A Dream' speech you can see all the points where Dr. King really inspired the crowd and you also get a sense of his speaking style in short, staccato phrases. It is very rhythmic and fascinating to see in its entirety."

    "The shorter audio clips make the distinct words more clear in the print," Seaver adds. "Neil Armstrong's 'One Small Step,' for instance, is really interesting to look at because you can actually see where he spoke each word from that famous moment in time and the long gap between phrases."

    If classic historical speeches aren't your speed, you can purchase a waveform image of one of the recent speeches by President Barack Obama or Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Or, skip politics entirely and order a custom waveform of any of your own audio files. Imagine how you could embarrass your child by showing their future girlfriend or boyfriend a waveform of his or her first cries at birth!

    The pre-made designs from Epic Frequency start at $139 USD, and a custom design starts at $249.


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    Cool idea but that is half an OPPO....heheheheh

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