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    Talking Tuesday Listens Anybody

    For me it's the...

    Editors - The Back Room, very Interpol sounding but good with it.

    James Blunt - Back To Bedlam, had this a while and not listened to it that much but it's pretty good in the David Gray singer/songwriter mould.

    Stephen Fretwell - Magpie, this came out last year but it's now getting a lot of attention, acoustic singer songwriter stuff again but I think this will stand the test of time.

    The Bravery - The Bravery, everybody talks about the Killers but overall I prefer this 80's style bands sound.

    Decemberists - Picaresque, I like this but I still prefer Castaways and Cutouts but that's just me.

    Ocean Blue - Cerulean, a board member kindly let me on this little secret, a great little album how but come I never heard them before.

    Bedouin Soundclash - Sounding A Mosaic, highly recommended if somebody want some Summer sounding easy on the ear influenced reggae.

    Others include Coldplay, Mountain Goats, Arcade Fire and my definite favourite of the year so far British Sea Power.


    PS Davey if you are out there you need to pm me your address, I've got some stuff to send you.

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    Here's my latest:

    The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday: This disc just refuses to leave my cd player! I can't really explain what it is that I enjoy so much about the album, but there is something there that I really enjoy. Best I've heard in a long time.

    Rilo Kily - More Adventurous - Starts off really strong, but I keep losing interest during the last 1/4 or so.

    Common - Be - I'm not a huge fan of rap, but I think this is a great disc. Very smooth with intelligent lyrics.

    Pinback - Summer in Abadon: This was recommended by a fellow rave rec member. These guys are great, and the last track is stellar.

    Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane over the Sea: Classic

    Clap your Hands say Yeah - s/t: Energetic, intelligent pop. Highly recommended.

    Stephen Malkmus - Face the Truth: Despite the rave reviews, and my love for Pavement, I just can't get into this. I think I'll put it aside for now.

    Corey Harris - Downhome Sophisticate: Great "new" blues. Good mix of blues with some world music rhythms thrown in for good measure.

    Talking Heads - The Name of This Band is the Talking Heads: A great live album. This showcases the immense talent in this band.

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    Wild 80's weekend thanks to FA:

    Threw this collection of 80's albums into the carousel player last Friday and shuffled thru the weekend:
    1) China Crisis - What Price Paradise
    2) Pete Townshend - White City
    3) Berlin - best of
    4) Tears for Fears - Tears Roll Down
    5) what the heck was that last one? (...later that day...oh yeah; Yaz - Upstairs at Erics)

    thanks for the flashback FA! So what did you get with your $100?

    Other than that:
    Genesis- Abacab
    Pink Floyd - Animals
    Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales
    Led Zep - In Through the Out Door
    Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues
    Morcheeba - Parts of the Process
    Frost - Melodica
    One Dove - Morning Dove White (sorry Davey, I'm trying, but I'm not digging it as much as you. It has it's moments tho)
    The Ocean Blue - Davey Jones Locker (IMO "Cerulean" is tOB's only real start-to-finish great album, the rest are hit-n-miss)

    Genesis- Duke
    Hastily thrown together Pearl Jam comp

    What Would Jesus Play? (thanks Mike!)
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    Tuesday Afternoon

    No Moody Blues for me today.

    Roy Harper, Stormcock
    Nektar, Down To Earth
    Van Der Graaf Generator, Present
    Porcupine Tree, Warzawa

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    there are some spinning

    Spocks beard beware of darkness, V and the kidness of strangers great music on all three.
    mogway happy songs,,,,
    Genesis nursery crime
    Some latin trova from delgadillo and filio.

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    some old brits

    dug out of the net some old stuff with Hawkwind, with Calvert they were great
    also found in second hand store,Grave New World with Strawbs, nice sound that is rare nowdays, that band had Rick Wakeman before he joined Yes.
    some Nick Cave, but he is from down under.
    Crimson live 1973 bootlegs
    the new ELP dvd, From the Beginning, great stuff.
    Jethro Tull is played all through the year.
    Tom Waits also.

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    Mostly that War of the Worlds box. Rocks. The out-takes are fun. The Spanish narrator, in particular, is amusing.


    Antimatter, new one
    Giles, Giles
    Red Sparrowes, current one
    Eschew fascism.
    Truth Will Out.
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    you guys are crackheads.
    I remain,
    Peter aka Dusty Chalk

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    Press Repeat.....

    Hey, Mike.

    Exploring, in depth, some of the CDs I picked up over the last year, or so:

    The Futureheads - The Futureheads
    Mark Lanegan - Bubblegum
    American Music Club - Love Songs For Patriots
    Devendra Banhart - Nino Rojos
    Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
    Earlimart - Treble & Tremble
    Elliott Smith - From a Basement on the Hill

    That's it, for now.


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    Mostly just the La's debut and that Shack Waterpistol I got recently. That La's debut is one of my all-time faves. What a perfect record to spin when you want to get your mind awake and just feel good. Twelve first rate pop songs in a row without a single track that is even close to not good. Produced (in the end) by Steve Lillywhite and released in 1990 after many delays due to lead man Lee Mavers perfectionism. Apparently he was disatisfied with the sound, wanting a dirtier feel to it, kind of like the early Who or Faces, I guess. Many bands have since covered songs from it, but it's the real deal.

    So I heard recently that the La's are touring now. Played a few dates in the UK and saw them posted on the concert lineup at a big upcoming Japanese music festival. Hopefully that means some new songs coming out too! The lineup mentioned was Lee Mavers (vox, guitar), John Power (bass, backing vocals), Jay Lewis of band Cracatilla (guitar) and Nick Miniski (drums), but Miniski was replaced by Mavers' schoolfriend Jasper by the time The La's played their fourth reunion date.

    I've always loved Shack's HMS Fable album that came out in the late 90s (I think chrisnz rec'd it at the time), but I've been listening to Waterpistol pretty much exclusively ever since getting it a couple weeks ago, and it just has that same classic sound as The La's. Almost like a companion piece at times. It was originally completed in 1991, not long after that classic La's debut, but then the masters were lost in a studio fire. And the producer even lost his DAT copy in a rental car, not knowing that a fire had destroyed the masters. The DAT was later recovered but still set dormant until the German Marina label finally released it in 1995. And what a lost classic it is! Shouldn't say it already, but I can tell it's gonna be a favorite long into the future. Very nice ....

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    The Kinks - Lola versus Powerman & the Moneyground
    The Pretenders - Learning to Crawl
    The Oyster Band - Ride
    Mark Lanegan Band - Bubblegum
    Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway
    Calexico - Feast of Wire
    Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
    Sly & the Family Stone - There's A Riot Going On
    Holy Cole Trio - Don't Smoke in Bed

    And thanks to Stone, I listened to Leater-Kinney's The Woods and Of Montreal's The Sunlandic Twins...the S-K album sounds like a really good one, a little early to give more than a mixed review of Of Montreal, which didn't create as positive a first impression as The Woods. I'll try to give some more spins this week. Thanks a lot Stone.
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    well for one, I'm a few songs into Sloshy's MIDSUMMER comp. Thanks pal. Looks great.

    also, gave a solid listen to SUMDAY by Grandaddy. This is one pillow of an album. Like, the pillowy aspects of the Flaming Lips puffed up a hunnert times. Very catchy, and probably not best that I listened to it in the car. But it was daytime, for night driving, I don't think that this would be a good idea.

    Spun Coheed & Cambria IN KEEPING.....3 album.. it's a grower.. had it probably almost 2 years, but still growing a little every time. Very schizoprhenic, going from Metal to Prog to Power Pop to Emo.. sometimes I find it fascinating how these influences play themselves out all in the course of one song..

    Got some things from the library, will report next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Jar-
    . . . gave a solid listen to SUMDAY by Grandaddy. This is one pillow of an album.
    Great description.

    FWIW, that comp was made for just me and I wasn't gonna distro it because so many of the songs were on other comps (mostly Davey's), but hey, I had some jewel cases lying around and I hadn't done one in so long and when I first listened to it I thought it was pretty decent (you know how that goes, right?) . . . Well, not the most original comp but you get what you pay for

    NP: Oxes - Oxxxes
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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    bunch a stuff for me...

    Railroad Earth - Bird in a House
    Railroad Earth - Black Bear Sessions
    Assembly of Dust - Finest Hour
    Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic
    The Bomb Squad - Sophistafunk
    Chris Thile - Deceiver
    Clem Snide - End of Love
    Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething
    Lonesome River Band - Finding the Way
    Lonesome River Band - Talkin' to Myself

    the new Mike Doughty i really really like. the Chris Thile stuff is crap... a huge divergence from his bluegrass stuff and its bad. can't say enough good things about jamie cullum. anyone who like ray lamontagne should check cullum out.



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