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    Trans Siberian Orchestra

    We saw TSO last night for the fifth time (4 Xmas shows, 1 Bethoven's Last Night). We weren't going to go but my niece wanted to go and had no one to take her so we volunteered.

    Here's a short video of the show that I recorded. It was fantastic as usual.

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    We went on the 18'th in KC. Lots of lasers, lots of pyrotechnics, lots of head bangin'. Glad I didn't have to help load up after the show. TSO is a unique Christmas experience.

    Happy New Year FA.

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    Is it just me, or does the violinist's bowing not match the audio?

    I'll give him one thing, though...that boy can run!

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    I saw TSO one Christmas about 6 years ago.

    It was crowded and the musicians were extremely over-dramatic.

    I gave a standing ovation to the lighting engineer; he was by far the best talent in the house.
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