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    Three for One..........I'm ready

    I'm already preparing for my journey to Albuquerque for my 3 for 1 concert trip.

    As I mentioned earlier, I need to get back out to Albuquerque anyway (it has been 11 long years since the last visit) to see some old family-friends and the gravesite of my very own father, who, by the way, died way too young at the age of 59.

    This will be a great addition to my adoration of the great, high desert:

    Sunday night we see ZZ Top (15th row).
    Monday night caps the visit with the Dream Theater & Yes concert (4th row, center).

    I'll report on all 3 shows when I return next week.

    Until then...........................................dri nk one for me.

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    Have fun, be careful, party on!


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    Party on Wayne!

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    Hey! Over here!

    I'll be interested in hearing about that ZZ-Top concert

    Hopefully its not like one of their '80s concert with drum machines and tape loops.

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