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    Are There That Many Morse Fans?

    I received a survey from Radiant Records, Morse's label, a few weeks back in which they were soliciting interest in a Morse fan club/paid subscription service. The deal is that for a price you would get a monthly newsletter and CD or DVD of Morse out-takes and home movies. Well, they've decided to go ahead at a cost to fans of $120 per year!!! ($10 per month). It's not for me, but I thought others might be interested. I don't spend $120 bucks a year on real Neal Morse releases, so I don't know why I would spend that on out-takes and home movies. Pretentious?

    Well, after careful consideration and reading many of your emails, Neal has decided to go ahead with his monthly subscription thing. We are now ready to launch it. He’s calling it the “Neal Morse ‘Inner Circle’” and the first CD has been prepared and a few of your fellow listeners have given it rave reviews!
    Here’s the track list of the 1st Inner Circle Disc:
    1. Preamble********************* ************************* ************************* ****** 5:30
    2. Isaiah 60 (Live at GMA 4/12/05)*********************** ****************** 8:00
    3. Mr. Potato Head (Demo 1999)********************** ********************* 4:18
    4. Cradle to the Grave w/Phil Keaggy (Live at GMA)************** 6:30
    5. Green (Outtake from 1st solo album)********************** ************** 2:48
    6. Tell Me Annabelle*** (Outtake from 1st solo album)************** 4:23
    7.* What Is Life? (Live at GMA 4/12/05)*********************** ********** 4:55
    8.* I Am Nothing (Demo January 2005)********************** ************* 4:22
    9.* Snow Demo Segment (2001)********************** ************************ 15:34
    10. Home is Where The Hurt Is (Demo 1996)********************** *** 2:59
    11. Everybody Needs The Money (Demo 1999)********************* 3:59
    12. Sing It High (Live at GMA 4/12/05)*********************** ************ 8:34
    Total Time 71:58
    The way it works is easy. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions and you’re in! Your specialized copy of the first Neal Morse ‘Inner Circle’ CD as well as an email newsletter will soon be on its way and your card will be automatically charged ($10.00 per month U.S., $12.00 outside the U.S. to cover extra shipping costs) and every month after that you will receive either a newsletter or a specialized CD or DVD! Cancel anytime after 2 months. However, Neal reserves the right to cancel anytime as well if it becomes too demanding. More details are available on the sign up page.
    A special thank you to all the people that answered our questionnaire and sent in helpful suggestions that we will now ignore. J Seriously, we have saved a lot of them and will be referring to them in the future.
    Thank you and Happy Listening!
    Jessica Mears
    Radiant Records

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    Pretentious? Downright disgusting, if you ask me.

    He's almost as bad as a televangelist.

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    Holy crap! David Bowie does that on his website and, if I remember correctly, it's only $60. Hmmmmm. Now that I look at Morse's site...the Bowie thing ain't such a bad deal.

    Yeah right.

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    I like the track - "Everybody Needs The Money". Apparently some more than others.

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    Hey! Over here!


    I don't mean to pile on, but this is crazy. I feel embarissed for the man. This is why God told him to quit Spock's Beard huh?

    Q: What gives Christianity such a bad wrap? A: Christians

    This is soooo self serving. I'm sure he'll tithe his 20%, but geez...

    I guess its easier to split profits one way than it is to split it five ways.

    Well, at least he retains the right to quit when he feels like it...Do unto others, then split.

    C'mon Neal. I'm glad you saw the look in the mirror.

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