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    Hey! Over here!

    Thanks for the rec Davey (Bon Iver)

    I picked this up the other day and my now fave hangout in Belligham. It was playing on the store system when I came in.

    For those of you not familiar or who don't read the Tuesday threads (your loss); this is a singer/songwriter project, only it comes across like a stripped down version of Iron & Wine or Calexico. If the afore mentioned bands, or Fleet Foxes or Midlake or even Shearwater are your bag, you may like this approach, which similarly wistful and fragile if you like (or pussified, if you don't like) and is done with the most sparce of musical accompaniment, and when the musical instruments like drums and horns are there, they're very subdued. At least this act doesn't use, or should I say over use, the reverb drenched vocals effect popularized by My Morning Jacket. It's great rainy day music, but I wouldn't take it on a road trip.

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    Pretty nice sounding CD too, or vinyl. Turned into a real grower for me, now one of my favorites of the year. And still one of the highest rated at metacritic too. But he's shown up in a lot of places besides the Tunesday threads, including this one that has links to quite a few mp3 songs ... It's official...I love Josh Ritter

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    I thought it was great,I loved that sparse sound anuway.

    Conor Oberst's self-title fits this bill also,
    Bovina Sancta

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