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Thread: Thanks, JC!

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    Thanks, JC!

    I didn't get to the mailbox until late Saturday evening but what a nice surprise! Thanks for the additional treat by the Moonbabies...

    My son was home for President' Day weekend, and during the weekend he kept telling me about this song that he had stuck in his head. He loved the song, had heard it on the radio, and wanted me to assist him in finding the song title and artist. He hummed a few bars...nothing registered. He hummed a few more...nothing. He then emphasized some of the lyrics, none of which included the giveaway song title...nothing. Although, it began to sound familiar. After returning to the base, he telephoned and left an excited voicemail: "Mom, I heard the song's "Stuck in the Middle"...will you please find out who sings that song?????"

    I am getting ready to burn him a comp which will include the song "Stuck in the Middle with You" which I downloaded from iTunes about a week ago. Funny thing that it showed up on this comp.

    Thanks again, Jim, for your kindness. It was a nice surprise. Anything I can send your way?

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    You are very welcome and don't send a thing . Hope with the other discs available you find enough worthwhile toons to keep the reunion running smoothly. As for the other, well, I had it laying around thought it may be more suitable for your tastes than anything I had sent previously. You just never know, it may be another bomb.

    Keep in mind that I have all of the 70's discs (except that I have DLD's 'merge' disc) so if you discover you need them and can't get your hands on them, our mail connection seems fairly fast.

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