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    Symphony X

    I have no music from Symphony X -- which two or three CDs from this group should I buy ? The discography of this group is reflected on Wiki as follows :

    Year Title Type

    1994 Symphony X Studio
    1995 The Damnation Game Studio
    1997 The Divine Wings of Tragedy Studio
    1998 Twilight in Olympus Studio
    1999 Prelude to the Millennium Compilation
    2000 V: The New Mythology Suite Studio
    2001 Live on the Edge of Forever Live
    2002 The Odyssey Studio
    2007 Paradise Lost Studio
    old Denon
    older Bose
    new Velodyne sub
    new Sony 1080 LCD & BluRay
    Big, clean sound @ 800 watts

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    I only have Paradise Lost, and I love it!!!

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    Yep, PL is good. I also love Divine Wings of Tragedy and V: The New Mythology Suite.

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    This is pretty spot-on.

    And another vote for PL. If you want to hear some SX, I can make copies for you- I have most of their discs.

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