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    Spock's Beard question // life after Neil

    Most of you who've purchased the "morse-less" version of SB have had quite some time to live with the results. My question is this: Do you still have the same opinion of the next generation SB albums that you did when you first heard them? If you're opinions changed, did they change for better or worse?

    The reason I ask, is everytime I go to a prog website that talks about Genesis, its always: Phil Collins sucks, Collins ruined Genesis, everything past (enter '70s era album here) sucks hippo balls, etc. But I don't feel that way at all (at least not until side two of the '83 album). I like Duke and Abacab a lot.

    Hey, I gotta get my post count up and its soooo dead around here

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    Hard to say. I thought "Feel Euphoria" had a few bright spots, but was mostly an unfulfilling album. I also think a lot of the later work by the SB with Morse could get a bit too bogged down at times. Kindness of Strangers and V are pretty good. I'll admit to only giving Snow a few spins, and never returning to it before I lost the disc though, but I don't remember it being terribly great.

    But I really dig Octane. I think it's one of the better prog (well maybe prog lite) releases in recent memory. It's an excellent CD, and maybe my Favorite SB release period. If they can follow up with another solid release then maybe we can ask this question again? Right now it might be too early, we're comparing 6 or 7 albums to 2.

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    Agree with Kexo

    Quote Originally Posted by 3-LockBox

    Hey, I gotta get my post count up and its soooo dead around here
    Feel Euphoria appears to have been a struggle for the band based on my ears. There are a few good songs, but the extended suite sucks IMO and feels like they thought they had to do it because Morse did it.

    But I was pleasantly surprised by Octane. I haven't listened to it much since it came out, but I thought it was a good album. They have a new live album out, though I haven't seen it yet. This may be a good way to try the new SB perhaps at a lower cost.

    I also thought that the post Gabriel Genesis was great upto and including Duke. Duke was one of my all-time favorites for years and years. Collins' drumming was fantastic, as was his singing.

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    Duke it out

    I like Duke and ...and then there were three... a lot, but the titles after that, not so much.

    But Spocks Beard, just one of those bands I really struggle with.

    I have Morse-less beard and beard with Morse, and it's all the same to me.



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