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    sylmar, ca. in beautiful so cal earthquake country

    spinning TODAY, not two years ago

    jan lundgren-in new york w/peter and kenny wahsington-cd import fromeastwind imports. won it at the la audio society meeting raffle 2 yrs ago.

    super bass on telarc-ray brown, john clayton, and christian mc bride. got it at amoeba for 7.99.

    phoebe snow-self titled-99cent LP in xlnt cond.

    also pet sounds vinyl mono from costco burbank for 13.00.

    patricia barber-the cole porter mix-new from for 13.00. they also have recently released vinyl for less than the majors with free shipping over $24!

    life is good.

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    My sister got me Pet Sounds last year for my birthday, Japanese 180 gram vinyl, both Mono and Stereo... beautiful album, among my all-time favorites

    Enjoy your new lp's!

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    I love that self titled Phoebe Snow. I have it on a Japanese pressing. Great sounds.

    Sounds like some great shopping.
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    phoebe snow-self titled-99cent LP in xlnt cond.

    damn, that sounded good in the late 70"s, Probably still does.

    I've been listening to my recently acquired "living Stereo: SACD versions. I have Van Cliburn/Friitz Reiner CSO on now. ( Circa 1060). Piano sounds great. Strings are poorly recorded by today's standards, I guess. The SACD version has a sumptous soundstage, but technically its like having a large window with a fog obstructing much of your favorite view.

    At least they are appropriately priced for SACD. dk

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