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    Hey! Over here!

    Speaking of Lacuna Coil (pssst...Dusty)

    Anyone heard the new one yet (Karma something)?

    I was wondering what direction they went after Comalies. I'm only mildly curious cuz I can only listen to about three or four of their songs in one sitting because the goth element in their music wears me down after a while. They do have some cool stuff as long as its Scabbia singing and not her "albatros around the neck" husband (although, he had made some strides as a singer on Comalies).

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    Karmacode -- it's a reference to the mix of the spiritual and the technological. Yes, of course I got it. :evil: I didn't like it as much as other fans of Lacuna Coil did, even though I like everything they've done. You really need to listen to them a lot to fully get them, and I just haven't yet with the new one. Apparently (according to others) it's a grower, but IMHO they really haven't gone off in a new direction.

    I would say if you're only a tangential fan that can't listen to them a lot, then stay away. But personally my favourite release of theirs is still Unleashed Memories, so if you haven't gotten that one yet, then I'd say put it on your wishlist. But then again, I like them when they're especially dark and gothy, so a track like "Dead Man Walking" would be one of my favourites.

    It might be a little bit poppier than the others (read: less dark & gothy), and the guy actually sings on some of these, rather than being just the "beauty and the beast" formula that they've put to death on previous releases. So if it really is the gothiness of them that you don't like, then this might be your favourite release by them, so by all means seek second opinions.

    PS I haven't listened to it recently; when I find it again, I will and report back.
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