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    Somebody broke the board!

    You know who I can't stand? GE Smith.

    I've got a disc by a band he was in, called Moonalice. Beautiful packaging, but the music within just SUCKS THE hIpPO BaLLs OUT LOUD. Jeezus. There's a DVD included, with them playing live in the studio, and the band looks scared to death. Personally, I think the guy's an azzole.

    I'll never forget the Xmas SNL where someone is playing in the wrong key, and this SOUR look comes over Smith's face as he scans the band for the wrongdoer. Way to go, diklik, MR PROFESSIONAL. I HATE YOU!!! Go ahead and play with Roger Waters so you can finance your next big glop of shiny CD doo doo.

    Blah blah blah. That's what your music sounds like.

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    But I like Darryl Hall's show on Palladia. Looks like they're all having fun, and I like that.

    So there.
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    There's already enough Ron Wood for this planet.

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