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    So where do you buy your DVDs?

    I've been ordering nearly all my cds from because their inventory has greatly improved in the last year, they offer free shipping with no minimums, and there's no sales tax either (we pay 6% in PA). I can't find most of what I want in local record stores, and when I do, the price is always higher by at least $3.00 or more.

    Anyway, back to my initial topic. I was checking for a DVD by Richard Thompson (Rumor & Sigh) and was a bit disappointed with the price at DVD Empire, plus it's out of stock right now, so I could be waiting a long time. I did a Google search and found out that there is a as well as the cd site. I can't believe I didn't already know that, but there is was, staring me in the face. Anyway, they operate the same way, so I got the thing for a couple dollars less than DVD Planet's price, it's in stock, and with free shipping to boot, I probably saved 3 to 4 bucks.

    Anyone else have a favorite site to find DVDs? I'm buying mostly music-related stuff that I will watch over and over, something I don't normally do for a movie. I see 'em once or twice and I get bored with 'em.

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    I guess I'm somewhat of a throwback in that I much prefer to thumb through bins and go to actual stores to buy most of my movies and music.

    I buy most of my DVDs nowadays at either Best Buy or Fry's Electronics. They offer the most aggressive discounting on new releases, so I typically buy stuff there the week of release. There's another store in San Jose where I used to shop for more obscure titles, but I hear that they've now closed up shop. Plus, most of the obscure titles that I've been looking for, I've already bought.

    Whenever I visit So Cal, I always make a point of going to DVD Planet's superstore down in Huntington Beach. THAT place has by far the most comprehensive selection of DVDs you'll see at any store, and their prices are the same as whatever the website charges. But, the retail store also has clearance specials that do not show up on the website. For boxsets, genre titles, special editions, music titles, DVD-A and 96/24 titles, and even out-of-print versions, the DVD Planet store is a great place to explore for a few hours. They do charge sales tax, but there's no shipping and you get that benefit of instant gratification.

    As far as music goes, I primarily shop at Amoeba Music and Rasputin Music, a couple of local independent chains, because they carry a deep catalog and stock a huge volume of used items (Amoeba also carries a lot of new vinyl and high res discs). For imports and electronica compilations, Virgin stocks a lot of items that aren't easy to find, plus they have the most listening stations. I also like Tower because a lot of their stores support local music, but they're usually too expensive otherwise.

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