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    So there are 86 viewing the 'Speakers' forum?

    Hard to believe that we have just 25 and that forum has 86. Speakers are important for sure, but not as important as the music. Then again, we have such a lack of participation here that I suppose it's indicative of that, while there are always people posting 'Need help with speaker purchase' or whatever.

    It was good to see J post again, but there a bunch of more 'recent' regulars who are MIA; Jar, Audio Girl, Rae...and I'm probably missing several more. By recent, I mean in the last year, because I can punch up a much larger group if I go back a couple or three.

    Anyway, just back from a day in a training class and checking out the latest new threads...of which there are few. Heck, I found more recent insults from Bobsticks than I did recent threads.

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    ....and this is your addled way of increasing the new thread count?

    On a serious note, I suspect some of it may have to do with a lack of exciting new releases in the indie genre...and since it's hard to strike up a convo 'bout any other genre 'round these parts it can be so sloooowww.

    But don't worry Pony Boy, I got watchu need. I'ma go down south to "Off Topic" and flog T around about immigration and then come back and talk at my party peeps...

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