• 03-01-2008, 04:21 PM
    So....anybody live near Austin?
    As in Austin, TX? Thinking of making my way down there toward the end of May and wanted to pick some brains about the area. There are plenty of resources on the web (TripAdvisors.com is a favorite), but I like getting the low-down from people who live there or near there, or just know a lot about it.

    We're looking to stay in the city, close to restaurants, bars (what else) and music venues, and I'm wondering what hotels would be reasonably close. I don't need the Ritz-Carlton...and they don't need me...but maybe that Intercontinental or the Hilton? Of course, we could always plan to meet for some grub and beer too, as I always try to find someone from RR when I travel.

    Thanks in advance,