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    i've got some spinning of my own to do:

    i went to freak beat records in sherman oaks and fingered through all the one dollar (LP) records and found GOLD.
    first, a russian melodiya copy of.....frankie goes to hollywood-liverpool!
    who'd a thunk it?
    strunz and farah-mosaico
    a sextet of ECMs, three from john abercrombie:
    'current events' and
    ralph towner-solo concert
    steve eliovson-dawn dance-with colin wolcott and
    chick corea/miroslav vitous/roy haynes-trio music live in europe
    harold land/bobby hutcherson/blue mitchell/joe sample/stanley clarke/ and others-on mainstream #408-no title.
    jon lucein-song for my lady
    l.subramaniam-indian express (great personnel list)
    heath brothers-in motion
    bud shank-windmills of your mind-arr by michel legrand
    al grey-struttin' and shoutin'
    copland conducts copland-appalachian spring/lincoln portrait
    pierre boulez cond NYPhil-falla three cornered hat (and a harpsichord concerto w/igor kipnis).
    prokofiev symphony #5 op100-jacha horenstein w/concerts colonne orch.
    plus tax and a dollar in the parking meter ($1 per hr on ventura blvd) and worth more than every penny! ALL in good shape!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiFiTommy
    What did that say? YamaSH*ITa? YamaFU*CKa? Funny the system blocked it.

    ECM LPs are a real teasure Tommy. I posted not too long ago regarding that topic. They always sound fantastic and are pressed great. Their line up is also top shelf.

    Enjoy buddy...

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    its truly stupid

    that the sequence of letters in a NAME can be blocked by a computer program! that is a common Japanese name.

    anyway, i felt negligent not buying the michael franks-objects of desire-record today but i already have it. there are many like that where i already have the disc. i will admit to buying a second copy so i didnt have to look for the other one.

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    That's a nice take there Tommy!

    I agree that the ECMs are quite a find but if you and I were kickin' back with a beverage and enjoying some tunes when it became my pick we'd be travellin' to Harold's Land. Very nice and (I'm assuming) a rarity.
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