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    Skeptic, Pat D

    Hey Guys,

    In mid October I posted asking for advice on which classical recordings would be a great start to my collection.

    Skeptic: you were prompt and gave my many to check out. I ordered about 8 discs and they are slowly trickling in. Karajan, Cliburn and Argarach are in and they are simply wonderful. Question to you: Who's rendition of Tchaikovski's first concerto do you like better, Cliburn's or Argarach's?

    Pat D: I only today saw your suggestions. Sorry this is late, but, thank you very much for the time you put in. I went to the CD store earlier today and put in an order for some Vivaldi.

    Again, thank you both.


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    Smile You're welcome!

    I was late getting into that one.

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