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    Shining- Blackjazz

    Or is it Black Jazz?

    Anyhoo, another score from Obner.

    Not to be confused with their Swedish black metal counterparts of ‘I slice my wrists for show’ fame, this Norwegian quartet just delivered the most bombastic record this side of the new decade. No kidding. Check out the first tune “The Madness and the Damage Done” and prepare to be consumed by the sheer grandiosity of pseudo industrial, pseudo metal and pseudo jazz rock. Frankly, the track seems like an exaggeration of everything. The guitars sound super filtered as shat on by a gigantic electric whale, while the drums move fluidly and hectically through perfectly symmetric spaces. There is nothing here that would make you think that Black Jazz was created and produced by actual humans. Not even the vocals, which sound a bit like the post apocalyptic berates of a post black metal crazy. The song is so ridiculous I could only compare it to the absurdity of Nitro’s classic O.F.R.('out-****ing-rageous-wowoowwowwoo')

    One would think that after such hyper kinetic display of metallic frenetism Shining would let up a little but they don’t. The songs in this album soldier on with admirable stamina and enough robotic soul to fuel ten Fear Factory records. The rhythms are broken with, if totally played by humans, admirable technique. I am not crazy about the guitar sound, it’s almost as if Mr. Roboto was the axeman here, but the riffs themselves are in essence simplistic, quirky and are shed so fast they seem intricate. The vocals, yeah, they are like screams frozen by the Norwegian winter wind.

    The ‘jazz’ comes in parts and is not all over. “Healter Skelter” with its leading curvy sax notes sounds cool because it’s served alongside intricate drumming and labirynthine rif***e. It’s the stuff of virtuosos and is highly enjoyable. It also sounds like it was actually played by humans instead of cyborgs. It’s complicated stuff that keeps its human spirit because the guitars don’t sound so industrial and the vocals are absent. At this point, I get it. Shining is a band of musicians. Awe inspiring rockers in search of music that’s oh so complicated. But some of the songs in Black Jazz are so out there that they will appeal to fans of mathematics more than music.

    Try it, you never know!

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    The way you describe them I have to hear some samples because i can't imagine what that must sound like

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