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    Sex Pistols and other bad compilations...

    I was giving a listen to an old EP i found in a box the other's a "mini lp" of the Sex like 6 songs on it...all slowed down a bit versions of tunes from their actual album...and its got Glen Matlock actually playing the bass. A curiosity if nothing else and the recording quality is, surprisingly, pretty good. got me looking for when it was released and such out of curiosity and I went to AMG and was dumbfounded at the volume of Sex Pistols releases. Now, I enjoyed the listen to the mini lp, but probably just because I'm a fan anyway and hearng different versions of the songs was kinda fun.

    But, is there really any reason to buy most of these compilations? I mean the band put out one record...a damn fine one at that...and a few singles that may be interesting. Anything I've ever heard of their live stuff is recorded so crap that its pretty much useless. Most of the demos start getting into 37 versions of the same song...and while I had fun with six tracks, does anyone really think the musical minutia of Sex Pistol recordings are so important as to require such scrutiny? I find it hard to believe any of this is necessary for even the most ardent fans. Are people really buying this crap? I've been a fan for a long time and buying Never Mind the Bullocks when I was in junior high was a huge deal to me...and I still can't fathom wanting all that garbage.

    Just thought it was bizarre and felt like noting it.

    Oh...and in case anyone has any doubts...all you ever need is Never Mind the Bullocks...the rest is crap.

    And...F the RnR Hall of Fame!

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    I like the singles, like the 1975 demo of Anarchy In The U.K./Submission on 12" colored vinyl. Always loved that, in fact it was my introduction to the Sex Pistols, really. Bollocks has never bowled me over, but there's a lot going on on that record that I definitely enjoy, just think there were better complete albums of the period that got a bit scooped via notoriety over songwriting.

    There are a couple worth looking at, but that ground had been overplowed more than 20 years ago already. It'd be nice if someone compiled the essential tracks into one package, but I doubt that'll happen. I would, though, like to hear the Filthy Lucre live album from 10 years ago. I saw them on that tour & enjoyed it. I taped 'em on Jimmy Kimmel 3 years ago & they were even better. One of these days I'll roll that off onto a CD & hit ya.

    I don't like others.

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    Never Mind The about one album wonders.

    Wasn't the whole concept of the Sex Pistols supposed to be a joke or something?

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