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    Seeking Your Wisdom and Advice

    The thread on the RUSH DVD gave me an idea to poll all my friends here at the RR.

    I recently got a new Sony Blu-Ray player for the big rig; in your opinion, what is the best music-related (concert, doc, whatever) BR-DVD out there right now ?
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    return to forever live at Montreux and Jeff Beck this week at Roine Scott both oustanding sonical and vsual

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    The recent Porky Tree BD/DVD combo, Anaesthetize, looks and sounds great. But the songs are mostly from Fear of a Blank Planet and Nil Recurring, so be advised.

    Not sure how you feel about Wilco, but I rather liked Ashes of American Flags. Too bad it's on DVD only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Javier
    return to forever live at Montreux and Jeff Beck this week at Roine Scott both oustanding sonical and vsual
    Second both of these. Drums are mixed wayyy up front on RtF, but watching the 2 percussionists duel is worth the price of admission alone.

    Edti: Oops, was thinking about Weather Report, not RtF. D'oh!

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    I've only ever seen one Blue Ray DVD at a friends, so it's the best I've seen.. Rick Wakemans Six Wives of Henry the 8th. Over the top keyboard runs, a pipe organ, a choir, and a cape!

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    Very open end question, that may need to be narrowed down to type of music you prefer.
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