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    Saturday around the turntable

    I had the time and energy to dig out some vinyl tonight. I started out with an old Candy Staten album and it sounded good so I listened to the entire thing. It reminds me of older Aretha Franklin. Candy has a powerful and soulful voice. Next to her was a Spyro Gyro album I through on but the sound wasn't very good and I wasn't in the mood so I took it off after one track. I then played some tracks off Santana's Marathon album. From there I played the entire Nazareth album Close Enough for Rock & Roll. I like Nazareth a lot and this was my first album of theirs. I remember I had it on 8-track. I'm not sure why great bands like Nazareth don't have favor with Classic rock stations like others do. Maybe they are forgotten. I still here Love Hurts or Hair of the Dog occasionally on radio. From there I really wanted to play the album side of Alan Parson's Tale of Mystery and Imagination but ran out of time.

    It seems like 8-tracks are ancient but I remember when I traded off my small collection for a Harley chrome chain belt it had Van Halen's first album in there. OK, I guess that album is getting close to 30 years old, I think that came out in 78 or 79? It sort of makes me nostalgic when I go through my vinyl and think of it's age, when I obtained that particular album, if I can remember, and the memories of old times. I guess that's part of the fun. Along with playing something you know you may never hear on the radio and haven't heard in quite some time.

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    Hi Mr.Peabody,

    I also had an ancient music night on Saturday. I started with Queen ll followed by Genesis' first album then into Saga-Images and Supertramp-Crime of the Century and finished of with Eloy's-Dawn.
    A thoroughly great night with great recordings.

    Keep it spinning

    "Let The Earth Bear Witness."

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