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    Which Rolling Stones versions to go with?

    Which of the newly remastered Stones CDs should I go with, the U.S. or U.K. versions? My second question has to do with format. I've heard these were all released on SACD, but I've neber seen any in stores indicating as such. Why are the new Dylan SACDs so easy to find and not the Stones?

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    Circuit City has the Stones SACDs. They are in paper backed Digi Packs. Pretty sure Best Buy has them too, I picked most of em up at CC during their Thanksgiving $9.99 sale. As for Brit or American, I'm not sure that makes a difference on these DSD releases. You may find track order different depending on whether the CD is using the British or the American version's track order. Overall quality of the 8 or so that I bought is very, very good. Just played Let It Bleed last night. Loud! If Gimme Shelter isn't the best rock song ever recorded, its close to it.
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