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    Rod Evans

    I've got the original CAPTAIN BEYOND in the car player right much as I like this classic album, Rod Evans is so one-dimensional, as rock singers go, and it makes me wonder why he was in the band. I guess I've got the advantage of time and progression but really, his range is minmal and his style is a constant.

    Given all that, since Bobby Caldwell has written a timeless collection of music here and he and the band play it accurately, this stuff holds up.

    When I went looking for this at a local collector shop years ago, the owner told me that the original 3-D cover of the Captain was worth MUCH more than the contents.

    In 1972, this was hot stuff..............I still like it.

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    I do like that there first album, but that 2nd album, Sufficiently Breathless, is a desert island disc for me...just something magical about it for me.
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    Interesting of you, 3LB................the reason toward success of the first album (Bobby Caldwell) is absent from the second.......................I don't remember or know much about SB but I'm sure I've heard it.

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