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    Robert Plant's "Sixty Six to Timbuktu"

    Anyone heard this album? Its a two CD set with 35 total songs. Just started playing it from the RealOne Player CD Listening Lounge for a free preview. First tune was pretty cool. There are some songs that i've definitely heard before. So is this a greatest hits thing? If so, i can't believe Plant would have 35 solo "hits"...

    Anyone else have opinions of this one?

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    From Amazon

    A superb special collection of 35 songs in 2 cd's, featuring the voice of one of the main singers in rock history. CD 1: features material from his solo albums; but CD 2: is full of rarities, bonus tracks, pre-zeppelin works with groups like Listen and Band of Joy and a live performance in Timbuktu. Sad, but no songs from the first solo Plant CD Pictures at eleven(Because I think "Like I've never been gone" is the best of the Plant's solo career), and no other hits like "In the mood" and "Other Arms"; The cd 1 contains "Big Log" from Principle of Moments; "Sea of Love" from Honeydrippers vol.1; "Little by Little" from Shaken and Stirred; "Heaven Knows; Tall cool one; Ship Of fools" from Now and Zen; "Tie dye on the highway" from Manic Nirvana; "Calling to you, 29 Palms; I believe; If I were a carpenter; Promise Land" from Fate of Nations; and "Darkness, Darkness; Song to the siren; Dirt in the hole" from last cd Dreamland. The rest are the "good news" of the track list: "Hey Jayne; Naked If I want to; 21 years"; 3 unreleased tracks: "Upside Down; Road to the sun; Red for Danger"; early tracks: "You'd better run; Hey Joe; For what's is worth; Operator"; a side project song recorded under the moniker Crawling Kingsnakes:"Philadelphia Baby"; special appearances: "Let's have a party; If it's really got to be that way; Rude World; Little Hands; Life begins again; Let that boogie woogie roll" and live performance in Timbuktu: "Win my train fare home". This cd sounds great, and worth to be part of your own collection. 5 stars.

    Sounds like a Greatest Hits and Rarilty combo pack to me.


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