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    RIP Mark Linkous

    Too bad to this the year of quirky, depressed musical genius's committing suicide?! I don't know enough of his music but everything I've heard - mostly Good Morning Spider and It's a Wonderful Life is gorgeous, smart, and pretty fraught with indications of a depressed, dark dude. Gonna go spin me some 'Hundreds of Sparrows' and maybe some old Vic Chestnut too...
    BBC News - Sparklehorse singer Mark Linkous 'takes his own life'

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    Well, that just sucks.
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slosh
    Well, that just sucks.
    Agreed. I've been listening to his stuff since the Dancing Hoods' 12 Jealous Roses came out.
    And the world will turn to flowing pink vapor stew.

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    This is just awful. What a crappy way to start the week.

    Man oh man.
    I call my bathroom Jim instead of John so I can tell people that I go to the Jim first thing every morning.

    If you say the word 'gullible' very slowly it sounds just like oranges.

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