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    RIP Johnny Winter

    Well the forum won't let me post my Rolling Stone link for some reason but Johnny died 7/16 at age 70. I am a big fan and there was a period of my life I spent many a nights drinking cold bottles of beer and playing my Blues harp to his records. He is the best slide guitarist I know of. He said in some liner notes he likes his slide to sound like steely strings strung across a metal trash can. The article mentions his vision was 20/400 & 20/600, I didn't realize his vision was that bad, I believe that's considered "legally blind".


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    I used to listen to JW albums back in the day..........he was a major contributor to the Texas Blues scene, along the likes of SRV, Billy Gibbons, Rocky Athas and the incomparable Freddie King.
    I was always intrigued how the Winter brothers hooked up with so many good perfect example being THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT.........and JW playing a lot with Rick Derringer.............together they made good with ROCK & ROLL HOOCHIE KOO and, my favorite old rocker song, STILL ALIVE AND WELL.
    It was so fitting until this week.
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