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    RIP - Jerry Reed. When You Hot, You Hot, but.....

    When you dead, you dead. Obit:

    Jerry Reed was recognized as a great guitarist who had a unique style of playing called "The Claw". He used a thumb pick and his fingers. He played session for Elvis, Waylon Jennings, Bobby Bare and others. He wrote songs for Elvis, Brenda Lee, Johnny Cash and Porter Wagner. He was in the movie Water Boy and of course the Smokie and the Bandit movies. His style of playing guitar was inspired by finger picker Merle Travis. Reed released singles for Capital and Columbia but it wasn't until signing with RCA's Nashville division headed by Chet Atkins that his music career began to take off. Atkins told him to be himself. So he wrote tunes like She Got The Gold And I Got The Shaft, Lord Mr. Ford, When You Hot, You Hot, The Bird, Amos Moses and Guitar Man. Anyone here Primus do Amos Moses?

    Anyway that's a bit of who he was. He seemed to be quite a character with a humorous personality.

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    Momma said...sometimes it be that way.

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    He was a very good guitarist actually, good ear for melody, much in the same mold as Chet Atkins. He was a natural, as far as playing in front of audiences and, truth be told, was a pretty decent actor.

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