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    RIP Gerry Rafferty

    I wasn't a huge fan of his solo work, but his 'Stuck in the Middle With You' when he was part of Stealers Wheel was a pretty good tune. Only 63 years old and was in the hospital for nearly a month with kidney failure. I didn't know he was a Scotsman.
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    Man, that just sucks, I always liked "Stealin' Time". RIP Mr. Rafferty
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    A sad, sad day in many households but none more than Swishdaddy's to be sure...

    ...Baker Street on endless loop, eh old sport?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swish
    I didn't know he was a Scotsman.
    He won't go....He has no power..... (too soon??)

    All kidding aside I still occasionally like putting on "City to City"

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    Well, I guess it shouldn't come as huge surprise, considering recent reports about ill-health and long history of alcoholism but damn... not welcomed news at all. Rest in peace (at last) is truly appropriate in this case.

    I for one have been an unapologetic fan since way back. Yeah, he's associated with some of AOR's most overplayed songs (Baker Street, Right On Down The Line, Stuck In The Middle), but truth is, he may still be one of adult rock's underappreciated artists when taking into consideration his entire output, which stretches well beyond his hit-single charting days yet maintained the same exceptional writing and songcraft. I proudly own four of his albums, and when they're (hopefully) remastered and reissued, will buy them again, gladly.

    If I have one regret regarding Rafferty, its Baker Street and the amount of times that cool sax solo has been aped since. Some critics contend that Baker Street is to be blamed for the prodigious amounts of saxaphone solos that permiated pop and soft rock in the '80s. Some think that the City To City album was the template for a burgeoning adult oriented rock formatting that took off around the same time. I think its an awesome album though with not one duff tune on it and I include Baker St as well. I'm lucky enough to have a Japanese pressing of this CD, which is much better than the BMG copy I've heard.

    Happy trails, Gerry
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    Stealers Wheel

    What a tragedy about Rafferty. City to City is a great album. I bought the "best of" album "Stuck in the Middle with You, the best of Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan" on vinyl. I bought it for the song in the title.

    It was another one of those times where I bought an album for one song and then fell in love with the whole thing......Kind of like I did with "The Kinks" for Lola.

    Let me just say the Stealer's Wheel album is absolutely fantastic. Its one of those where while you listen, you wonder, why havent I listened to this before? Its a great gem. Check out the song "late again" Makes me wonder how my simple appearing tympanic membranes can decipher all that sound and translate it into music in my brain. Delicious.

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