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    Hey! Over here!

    RIP Dan Fogelberg

    I don't own any Fogelbeg on CD, but I did own The Innocent Age on LP, when I was a kid, which baffled a few of my buddies back then. I liked that he was a good storyteller and that he wasn't afraid to make a song as long as it needed to be, and not conform to 3 minute song format. He still got airplay too, for a while anyway. Sure, it was terribly sentimental, and very introspective, and more than a few songs on this album resonated with me for some reason. I didn't figure out until later that it was a concept album, following a person from cradle to grave, and touching upon events in between.

    Happy trails Dan.

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    You beat me too it. This is a sad day for me. I’ve been a Dan Fogelberg fan since I was a teenager. Longer is one of the songs that my husband and I chose to dance to at our wedding. More recently, I’ve been learning to play Leader of the Band on my guitar. This is a song that has always moved me.

    I had the pleasure of seeing Fogelberg perform in 2002 in his first appearance in Canada in over 20 years. It was a memorable performance from a man who I had wanted to see live for many, many years. How sad that I’ll never have that opportunity again.

    Dan, "I thank you for the music".

    I found this great quote from him this morning…

    "But I and Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt have cultivated careers where we don't rely on radio. We had our hits, but now it's an educated audience - they chose music, music wasn't chosen for them."

    Dan Fogelberg ~ 2001

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    I was never a fan. That said, I had to admire the man's talent. I know enough "music people" who are way into him, and I know he was a stickler for quality arrangements and production. He was serious about his craft, and I tip my hat to his memory. RIP.
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    I am a fan and this is sad news. One of my favorite albums was "High Country Snows". The album was a tribute to traditional music and featured some great artists. Dan you will be missed.
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    While the only thing by him in my music collections was a greatest hits compilation it is one CD I find someone in the house plays at least once a month. Shame on me for not looking closer at the albums from which they are derived. Beautiful voice and wonderful tunes....... the world grows smaller when we loose either......

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