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    REVIEW: Dream Theater DVD - Images & Words Live in Tokyo / 5 Years in a LiveTime

    This pair of DVD discs is very good.......4 stars out of 5.......recommended.

    Better 5.1 Dolby than Scenes Fron New York.

    Disc one reflects hits from the first few albums - both in video form and live footage.

    It includes some live "club jams" with Steve Howe and a couple of the Marrillion guys.

    Tracklisting : 5 Years In A Live Time

    1. Burning My Soul
    2. Cover My Eyes
    3. Lie (vidéo clip)
    4. 6:00
    5. Voices
    6. The Silent Man (video clip)
    7. Damage Inc.
    8. Easter
    9. Starship Trooper
    10. Hollow Years (vidéo clip)
    11. Puppies On Acid
    12. Just Let Me Breathe
    13. Perfect Strangers
    14. Speak To Me
    15. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
    16. Anna Lee
    17. To Live Forever
    18. Metropolis Part I
    19. Peruvian Skies
    20. Learning To Live
    21. A Change of Seasons

    DVD 2 : Images And Words Live In Tokyo -- this is (mostly) a live concert DVD

    Track list:
    1. Under a Glass Moon (Live)
    2. Pull Me Under (Vidéo Clip)
    3. The Making Of Take The Time
    4. Take The Time (Vidéo Clip)
    5. Wait For Sleep (Live)
    6. Surrounded (Live)
    7. The Ytsejam/Drum solo (Live)
    8. Another Day (Vidéo Clip)
    9. To Live Forever/ John Petrucci Guitar Solo (Live)
    10. A Fortune In Lies (Live)
    11. Puppies On Acid/Take The Time (Live)
    12. Pull Me Under (Live)

    Both have good sound and the pair cost me only $15................3 hours of (great) music if you can take that much of LaBrie.


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    Just put it in the Netflix queue.


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    LaBrie is the weak part of that band.

    Frikking great guitarist and drummer and bassist though huh.


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    Yes DAVE

    All 3 are amazing -- those are the original 3 members.

    Petrucci and Myung went to Berklee (Boston) together. They thought they were the only non-jazzers/classical in the whole school. One day, while having lunch, they see this guy in a Pink Floyd t-shirt............turns out to be Portnoy...........they introduce themselves and discover that he is originally from Long Island, just like they were.

    The rest is history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_G

    LaBrie is the weak part of that band.

    Frikking great guitarist and drummer and bassist though huh.

    Haven't we done enough LaBrie bashing yet?

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    Was their otther dvd in 5.1? Scenes from a memory?

    I seem to remember it just being 2.0 and being disappointed with the sound....

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