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Thread: Rebuilding a vinyl collection

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    Rebuilding a vinyl collection

    After purchasing a TT at the end of last year, I am fully careening down the slippery slope of vinyl. While I have not actually stopped to count, I have purchased in excess of 150 albums since Christmas. 90%+ are new reissues by Rhino, Analogue Productions, Pure Pleasure, UMG, etc. I have limited my purchases for the most part to those that represent they are sourced from original analogue masters (although there seems to be an occasional truth stretching of this). With rare exceptions I am quite happy with the quality of these reissues. Some are astounding. In most cases, the recordings are from the 60's an 70's by virtue of preceding the digital era.

    I am curious if others on this board have recommendations that fit this criteria. Interested in all genre.

    BTW, I have avoided buying used, as there seems to be not too huge a savings to get comparable quality and I lack the time t hunt down this many titles.
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    1. When building a collection, don't forget the oddball purchase here and there. I've been listening to 3 albums' worth of Japanese pop from the late 60s. I highly recommend Nippon Girls, Vol. 1. Great music, great sound quality. Side one is my current Friday night kickoff-the-weekend party record.

    2. Another oddball target area is film soundtrack albums. Soundtracks are usually of 2 varieties - original scores or collections of various songs by various artists. I identified a couple of composers, like Elmer Bernstein and Bernard Herrmann, that I liked and picked up soundtracks to 7th Voyage of Sinbad (Herrmann), which was also a favorite film from my youth, and The Silencers (Bernstein). Anything by Ennio Morricone fits nicely into this category. One that kind of blurs the line between various artists collections and original film scores is the soundtrack to The Darjeeling Limited. Wes Anderson used several pieces originally composed for older films made in India which are included on the soundtrack. Some of the music is mind-blowing. Sound quality might not be the best, but it seems to fit the style. Some of the newer soundtrack releases come in gatefold packaging with posters, like the soundtrack to the original Godzilla and Shogun Assassin, and are on colored vinyl.

    3. Record Store Day comes this month. They'll have some big-name artists' releases, but also some more obscure/oddball stuff. Go to the official website and peruse "the list" then go to a local, participating record store. I have to drive an hour to get to one, but it's a trip I look forward to each year.

    To more directly address your request for recommendations - The 45th Ann. edition of Velvet Underground's self-titled 3rd album is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pelectr View Post
    Anybody out there still collecting vinyl?Just picked up 2 sealed copies of Only Child s/t.....just need to fix my turntable
    Just started rebuilding my "new" vinyl collection about 3 years ago. Mostly 180 and 200 gram vinyl. I have about 40 records in my collection. My latest is Opeth's most recent release "Sorceress". Some of the limited editions that I picked up for $30 are now selling for close to $200, so I guess you can look at it as an investment.
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