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  • Radiohead's OK Computer

    15 68.18%
  • Modest Mouse's The Moon And Antarctica

    2 9.09%
  • Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

    4 18.18%
  • Can't decide/Haven't heard them yet

    1 4.55%
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    Radiohead v. Modest Mouse v. Wilco?

    Yep, another one of those poll threads. This time though, it has to do with albums--Radiohead's OK Computer (1997), Modest Mouse's The Moon And Antarctica (2000), and Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002).

    It's interesting to listen to these three records and compare them. All of them apply the "overproduced/electronic feel" to their trademark sound (alt-rock for Radiohead, lo-fi indie rock for M.M., indie pop/alt-country for Wilco). All of them seem to have a central "concept" of human desolation in a modern world (more hinted at in Wilco's case). And yet they're all pretty unique from each other, somehow.

    Which would you consider to be your favorite?

    And on another note, am I the only one who thinks that it would be pretty cool if any one of these albums was used as the soundtrack for a short film or something?
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    No secret that I like them all a LOT so kind of a tough choice. But I've listened to The Moon & Antarctica way more than either of the others so that must be the one for me, although I do think OK Computer is by far the best of the lot from my hypothetical, detached, technical viewpoint

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    Technically I can't officially vote since I don't have that MM album. Of the remaining 2 I'll have to take OK Computer since I listen to that waaay more than anything from Wilco. Actually I listened to OK Computer 2 days ago. I'm not a Radiohead fan but I keep pluggin' away wondering what all of you are hearing that I"m not.

    So many albums that I don't have. I do have the newest MM so it's not like I'm totally off the scope on this one!

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    Gotta go with OK Computer since it's probably my favorite album ever, although I've been kinda sick of it for a while now (the ol' over-exposure thing). If you had listed The Lonesome Crowded West instead . . . .

    All three of the listed albums are essential in the United States of Sloshica

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    What Davey said.

    Three great albums that, are about as important as any of the last 5 years in Ex Lion Tamer's little corner of the world. But Moon & Antarctica gets the nod because I judt played it more than the other two. I think I'll listen to all three back to back to back tomorrow.
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    No contest in my books

    It has to be Radiohead although to be fair I've never heard the Modest Mouse album apart from a few samples and the odd track on comps. But I do have the Wilco which I like a lot.

    But how can it come close to the Radiohead landmark album, it's the album which defines the band has at least 6 tracks which would appear on a best of compilation and would appear in my top ten albums of all time - nuff said


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    Forum Regular Whooptee's Avatar
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    I too have listened to Moon and Antartica more than the others, though OK Computer is pretty close. Actually, I probably haven't listened to M&A in over a year. I overdid it and burned myself out on it, so every time I reach for it I kind of cringe. On the other hand, I listen to Lonesome Crowded West regularly and still love it. I love Wilco, but YHF has never connected with me.


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    Not even a contest in my book. Radiohead with ease.

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    Close 'n PlayŽ user Troy's Avatar
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    Yep, no contest. Radiohead all the way. But I could live without that one too.

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