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    R.I.P. Patrick "Lugnut" Paul Malone, former participant of Audiogon, etc

    Pat not only reflected how to live our lives during the challenging events that we may face, but he reflected the most graceful way to die and leave those you love with the certainty that they did everything they could to make you comfortable. Please check out this link if you haven't will change your life.

    I miss you, Patrick Paul Malone, our beloved Lugnut. Job well done. Enjoy that heavenly listening session tonight. Please save me a seat.

    Ole Neil will be spinning on the turntable in your honor on 11/13/2005.
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    "And the three gifts of moving on are forgiveness, hope, and the great beyond, After that perhaps peace can come, Peace will come." -- Mary Chapin Carpenter (2007)

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    Wow, never been to Audiogon and no idea who Pat is, but must've been a pretty special guy to a lot of people with 19 some odd pages of responses and well wishes over the past year.

    Just saw that Chris Blair from Abbey Road died a few days ago. Sad loss. Worked on a lot of great releases over the years, most endearing for me in recent times being that great Neon Golden by The Notwist. His mastering wasn't universally loved, and in modern times no one is really able to do all their projects the way they'd like with the pressure to make every release sound modern and as loud as possible, but he did some very nice work over the years and will be missed.

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    yes.....It surprised me a week or so ago when I found out, but I had heard he was having some problems with that darned cancer. I've been a member over there for a couple years.

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