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    Pre-Order Guess Who 180g LP

    I have been looking for the American Woman vinyl LP for some time now.
    When I was a kid I had it on 8-Track but never bought it on vinyl and trying to find a it seald was like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.
    I just pre-orderd my copy today.
    Here some info on it.

    Despite a previous Top 40 hit “These Eyes” from Wheat-field Soul, success was evasive south of the Canadian border for The Guess Who. American Woman ignited U.S. interest in the then 7-year old rock band from Winnipeg. The certified Gold Record contains three Top 40 singles (“No Time”, “No Sugar Tonight” and the ubiquitous title track). It successfully bridged the gap between 60’s poprock and 70’s stadium rock.

    The Guess Who’s next album Share the Land contained the hit title track, a rallying cry against corporate greed and warmongering, though in a less affronting manner than “American Woman.” The band officially broke up in 1975, but continues in various guises today.

    Cisco continues its mission to bring great records to the public with breath-taking improvements in sound. Where original LPs (and CD reissues) of American Woman are thin, grainy and lacking in bottom-end. Kevin Gray and Robert “Mr. Record” Pincus have brought out of the original master tapes wide dynamics, rich bass extension and a clarity that will blow your mind. Now you can have the classic songs and amazing musicianship of The Guess Who wrapped in sound worthy of their work. So pick up a copy today, put it on your turntable and crank it up! Your neighbors may not be happy, but we guarantee you will be.

    Cisco Music unleashes a seminal Rock and Roll Masterpiece like you’ve never heard before! The first of four new LPs from the RCA Archives! 180-gram LP pressed by Record Technology featuring all-analog mastering directly from the original, first-generation 1/4” master tapes. Faithfully reproduced gatefold jacket and labels.

    • 180g Vinyl
    • Pressed by R.T.I.
    • All-Analog Mastering Directly from the original, first generation 1/4" Master Tapes
    • All original gatefold jacket and labels
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    Quote Originally Posted by BRANDONH
    • 180g Vinyl
    • Pressed by R.T.I.
    • All-Analog Mastering Directly from the original, first generation 1/4" Master Tapes
    • All original gatefold jacket and labels
    1/4" Mater Tapes? Hmmm, I thought the masters were always on wider tape? Guess maybe not. 1/4" just seems so fragile. That's what we used at home on our reel to reel machines and it was always stretching and breaking if you weren't careful.

    But yeah, I played the crap out of that puppy as a kid. Probably still have a copy stashed someplace but haven't heard it in many many years. Be happy to never hear the title track again after being overplayed and then mangled so much in modern times by the likes of Kravitz. But then again, it might be fun to hear it sounding really nice too. Doubt I've ever heard it on a decent system. Keep us posted once you get it. They were a great band, even if that sound hasn't aged as well as some of the other bands I liked back then like CCR and Neil Young and the Who and many others. But still, nice to see it being handled with such care. Kevin Gray does outstanding work! I guess there was a pretty nice 30 year anniversary remaster in 2000 of the CD, probably brought about by that same Kravitz cover of the title track. Haven't heard too much about the sonics though. Anyone heard it? Compressed and loud like usual?

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