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    Porcupine Tree- Nil Recurring EP

    I got my hands on a "leaked" mp3 copy of the new Porcupine Tree "Nil Recurring" EP. It's really good. Some vocal sections are lifted from Blank Planet, but the arrangements are completely different. The long instrumental title track is one of those great great big melodramatic PT moments. Not so dense and grinding as the last 3 albums, but still really hard and intense. "Normal" could be from Lightbulb Sun. More of a vintage acoustic PT sound. The wah solo at the end of "What Happens Now?" is really different for Wilson, very psychedelic. This will be spectacular in the car on a late-night interstate drive.

    This EP is much better than Blank Planet. At 29 minutes, it's an easily digested spin. I don't sense that overwhelming "story" here with all its inherent baggage. it just gets in, rocks like a mo-fo for half an hour, and gets out. No muss, no fuss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy
    ...At 29 minutes, it's an easily digested spin.
    I disagree with this. Not the 29 minutes part , but to me, it's pretty damn complicated, and I still haven't assimilated it after numerous listenings.

    BUT, I'm eating some special brownies and will be able to offer a more unlucid review in a day or so. Headphones, hear (ha) I come!

    I gotta say tho, it's great to hear some new stuff from Harrison and company so soon. Can't wait to hear the CD version.


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    like I said in the other thread, I bought two, PT seems to have a lot of fans willing to pay big bucks for stuff (can you say Yellow Hedgehog?)...

    I also have sealed CD's of Recordings and XMII...

    I am bummed they are NOT coming back to So. Cal. after STEVEN SAID they would, sheesh...

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